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Google Cloud Platform configuration

Create a new project or use an existing project and the service accounts used with Signatory should have the following permissions. It may be achieved by using custom roles (see \ Project name is required in the signatory config.

Basic permissions

  • cloudkms.cryptoKeyVersions.get
  • cloudkms.cryptoKeyVersions.list
  • cloudkms.cryptoKeyVersions.viewPublicKey
  • cloudkms.cryptoKeys.get
  • cloudkms.cryptoKeys.list


  • cloudkms.cryptoKeyVersions.useToSign


  • cloudkms.cryptoKeyVersions.create
  • cloudkms.cryptoKeys.create
  • cloudkms.importJobs.create
  • cloudkms.importJobs.get
  • cloudkms.importJobs.list
  • cloudkms.importJobs.useToImport

Configuration parameters

Below are the configuration fields which are required for Signatory.

application_credentialsstringOPTIONALPath to the GCP application token JSON file (overrides GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable)
application_credentials_datastringOPTIONALGCP application token JSON data (overrides application_credentials)
projectstringProject name
key_ringstringKey ring name

Key Management

Under key management create a new key-ring with any location and create a key with purpose as Asymmetric-sign and protection level as HSM.

The key-ring name and location are required in the signatory configuration.

Application Access:

The below steps are for providing signatory with the permissions to access the google cloud account Key Management.

  • Select IAM & ADMIN from the menu and select Service accounts. Create a new service account or use an existing one with all the above permissions (Get, Sign & Import) granted.
  • Select the created/existing service account and within that create a new key and a prompt to download the application credentials will appear, select the JSON format.
  • The downloaded JSON file is needed in signatory config or can be assigned to the below environment variable.

Environment variables

cloudkms backend accepts GCP's standard GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable

export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS="signatory-testing-a7sdfew625aecb.json"

Getting PKH

signatory % ./signatory-cli list -c /etc/s.yaml
Public Key Hash: tz3fK7rVYSg2HTEAmUYdfjJWSDGfsKrxH3xQ
Vault: CloudKMS
ID: projects/signatory-testing/locations/europe-north1/keyRings/sigy-key/cryptoKeys/sigyhsm/cryptoKeyVersions/4

Update signatory.yaml config with PKH:

signatory % cat /etc/s.yaml 
# Address/Port that Signatory listens on
address: :6732
# Address/Port that Signatory serves prometheus metrics on
utility_address: :9583

driver: cloudkms
project: signatory-testing
location: europe-south1
key_ring: sigy-key
# Default policy allows "block" and "endorsement" operations
# Setting `log_payloads` to `true` will cause Signatory to log operation
# payloads to `stdout`. This may be desirable for audit and investigative
# purposes.
log_payloads: true
# List of [generic, block, endorsement]
- generic
- block
- endorsement
# List of [endorsement, ballot, reveal, transaction, origination, delegation, seed_nonce_revelation, activate_account]
- transaction
- endorsement

Key Import:

Users can generate a private key in an air gap environment and then import it into GCP Key Management using signatory-cli binary. Below are the steps to do that.

  1. Build signatory-cli binary using make signatory-cli. You need Golang version 1.15 or later.

  2. Use the below command to import the generated private into GCP Key Management. Only Elliptic Curve P-256 - SHA256 Digest is supported now. Below sample key is taken from signatory/docs/

% ./signatory-cli import -c signatory.yaml --vault kms p2esk28hoUE2J88QNFj2aDX2pjzL7wcVh2g8tkEwtWWguby9M3FHUgSbzvF2Sd7wQ4Kd8crFwvto6gF3otcBuo4T

INFO[0000] Initializing vault vault=cloudkms vault_name=kms
Enter Password: INFO[0002] Requesting import operation pkh=tz3be5v4ZWL3zQYUZoLWJQy8P3H6RJryVVXn vault=CloudKMS vault_name=projects/signatory-testing/locations/europe-north1/keyRings/sign-ring
INFO[0008] Successfully imported key_id=projects/signatory-testing/locations/europe-north1/keyRings/sign-ring/cryptoKeys/signatory-imported-215FwcXxhLdlr9IYwzA31vwANmy/cryptoKeyVersions/1 pkh=tz3be5v4ZWL3zQYUZoLWJQy8P3H6RJryVVXn vault=CloudKMS vault_name=projects/signatory-testing/locations/europe-north1/keyRings/sign-ring